You must have a CRM in your business!

Placeholder ImageCRM in Business is important.   Surprised??

Over the last couple of weeks I have been reminded again of the importance of CRM in Business.

Customer Relationship Management is something all personnel in a business touch upon – from reception through to CEO.

It still amazes me how we do a disservice to our customers by not managing the relationship better.  More importantly, the damage it can do to our own business reputation by not capturing information and recording detail when communicating with Clients.

The world is changing with Business Social Media. LinkedIn is an amazing example of how business interaction is evolving.

Without smart CRM software, your business is at a distinct disadvantage in the marketplace.

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The 3 Key factors in your business

The biggest mistake business’s make is CPP – get it wrong and suffer the consequences

Client, Personnel, Profit

Running a business is a constantly changing environment.

The key is the fine balance of three core principles.

Client: over delivering on the expectation of your customers and constantly looking to improve all touchpoints within the brand experience.

Personnel: ensuring you are nurturing the team in your business, with utmost focus on helping to meet the individual’s values.

Profit: If you get the two above in correct balance, Profit will easily come but must be a foundation.

You would be surprised, the amount of businesses, large and small that lose focus on this fundamental foundation to business.

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